Crystal Healing Skills Courses


Crystal therapy sometimes known as Crystal healing is deeply relaxing, de-stressing and health enhancing. Using the energetic field of specialist gem stones, a treatment will highlight areas of blocked energy and work to realign promoting physical and spiritual balance.

Training with us in this healing system will lead to a deeper knowledge of how crystal energy can be harnessed to improve physical and mental wellbeing.

Our Crystal Healing Skills courses use only ethically sourced, cleansed and energised gemstones hand-picked from across the globe. We explain how knowing the history of your stones is important in treatments. We bespoke design courses with two main levels of training in mind.

For Practitioners our skills advancement programme furthers your therapy knowledge by teaching crystal dowsing, advanced chakra work & using crystals in massage.

For beginners we highlight the benefits of crystal use for Personal Wellness. Our Crystal Curiousity course offers a start-up guide to gemstone properties, how to use them as tools for healing & crystal care and maintenance.

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