Aromatherapy - The Natural Pure Organic Medicine -Drug-free


Aromatherapy is the application of plant extracts scientifically proven to treat a wide variety of symptoms. They can be introduced to the body as vapours to inhale, tinctures to bathe in, compresses to ease pain or most commonly oils and lotions hand blended to deliver a deeply relaxing, de-stressing and pain relieving massage. Zen Ten Spa will help you choose the most appropriate oils for you and the best way to experience your session whether for relaxation, pregnancy and post birth support or symptom control for the elderly and those with chronic conditions. Aromatherapy oils are like medicine in terms of the good they can do. Travelling to and from a salon or spa means the oils are lost on clothing and car seats. Calling our mobile spa to you in Warwick, Leamington Spa, Solihull, Coventry, Birmingham and beyond means you’re already home.

Ancient societies were well aware of the benefits of aromatherapy, but it has taken the Western World up until now to recognize the efficacy of aromatherapy in treating a wide range of conditions. In France it is now accepted that aromatherapy essential oils are so powerful only GPs are licensed to use them.

Aromatherapy oils are derived from the essence of plant extracts and other natural aromatic compounds.The Chinese used infusions of aromatherapy oils as a mood enhancer and expanded their use into medicine, such as inclusion within acupressure massage. They also burned aromatherapy oils when massaging.

The Egyptians created one of the first aromoatherapy oil distillation machines for which archaeological evidence has been found and the essences of cedarwood, clove and cinammon aromatherapy oils which they used to embalm the dead have been retrieved from sarcophogae.

The Greeks and Romans commonly used aromatherapy diffusers and bathed in aromatherapy essences throughout their empires. The Greek perfumier Magellus was known to have created a fragrance “Mageleion” from myrrh . Meanwhile the father of modern medicine Hippocrates is said to have used aromatherapy essences in healing.

In Persia (modern day Tehran), at around 900 AD the physician Al-Razi wrote 237 books on aromatherapy and medicine. He was known in the West as Rhazes and he had an enormous influence on the development of European science and medicine.

In the Great Plague of the 17th century, it was noted that people who worked closely with aromatherapy essential oils, such as perfumiers, did not fall victim to plague, similarly glove-makers in Paris during the great cholera epidemic seemed protected from disease. It was eventually worked out that they were given immunity by their use of Lavender aromatherapy oil to perfume the gloves they made. Throughout the Middle Ages and Renaissance in Europe doctors carried pomanders containing aromatherapy essential oils to reduce odours and to ward off disease.

Zen Ten Spa’s aromatherapy expert has more than 20 years experience in blending and uses aromatherapy essential oils in a range of more than 30 global bodywork techniques. Have your unique aromatherapy blend made up and experience a tailor-made aromatherapy treatment today.

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