A Specialist Treatment to Reduce the Appearance of Cellulite on Thighs and Buttocks


Cellulite is a build up of adipose or fat cells just under the surface of the skin most noticeable on thighs and buttocks and notoriously hard to shift.

Cellulite can beset the slimmest and fittest of individuals as medics now believe we carry a genetic propensity to develop this form of fat, after all many babies are born with dimples on their bottom before a poor diet or lack of exercise can be blamed.

The Zen Ten Spa anti-cellulite programme is statistically proven to bring visible results within 6 weeks of undertaking the cycle of bodywork therapies and adopting the lifestyle recommendations.

The buttock and thigh treatments within Zen Ten Spa’s anti-cellulite programme range from specialist massage with unique essential oil blends to our exclusive “reverse massage” tissue lifting technique and fascia manipulation treatments sourced across the globe.

Cellulite is often the last and hardest to tackle health and wellness issue confounding even those with long-held holistic health approaches but in Zen Ten Spa you have found your solution.

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