Acupressure- Through-Clothing Oil-Free Massage

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An acupressure massage is deeply relaxing, de-stressing and health enhancing. Although it follows the principles of acupuncture and achieves the same amazing health results don’t worry, our acupressure treatments are entirely needle free. The deep relaxation induced by acupressure massage can affect balance and concentration and travelling to and from a salon or spa means you have to walk or drive afterwards . Calling our mobile spa to you in Warwick, Leamington Spa, Solihull, Coventry, Birmingham and beyond means after your acupressure massage, you’re already home.
Acupressure massage follows the same meridians, or line-zones around the body, as acupuncture and is an excellent form of massage for those uncomfortable with undressing for treatment or for when the application of oils and other inconveniences of a full massage are not appropriate. Acupressure massage involves pushes with the palm and heel of the hand and leaning pressures in very specific areas which trigger the body to release tension. Very deep pressure can be exerted, but not felt, during acupressure massage because the fact that this treatment is through-clothing means it has the effect of feeling smoother, so there is less likelihood of tensing against the therapy. If you have found you are sensitive to the deep pressure of massages at some spas and salons and have felt discomfort, then our acupressure massage will be perfect for you. Acupressure massage is a particularly effective technique for back, neck and shoulder pain and for releasing tight hamstrings.

Acupressure massage is deeply relaxing because of the stroking and kneading effect created and yet it is still incredibly effective at releasing tension and relieving stress and pain. Zen Ten Spa uses the widest range of acupressure massage techniques of any spa in the UK sourced from global therapies as diverse as Hawaiian Lomi massage and Japanese Shiatsu.
Remember because we give acupressure massage at your home, office or event you are not travelling to and from a standard salon or spa. This means you do not lose the benefits of your treatment by having to walk or drive afterwards. Calling our mobile acupressure massage spa to you in Warwick, Leamington Spa, Solihull, Coventry, Birmingham and beyond means once your blissful acupressure massage has finished, you’re already home.
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