Reflexology has been around for thousands of years and yet it’s one of the fastest growing holistic therapies. Nothings stands the test of time like that unless it really works.

The treatment feels like a deeply relaxing foot massage, but in fact the pressure points used are a very specific map of dozens of meridian triggers which send messages along the neural pathways to the brain to effect changes in targeted areas of the body. So a reflexology session is like a full body MOT delivered via the feet. In no other therapy is it possible to directly achieve such lasting internal results such as re-balancing hormones or cleansing the liver and kidneys.

Scientific journals are full of the medical evidence now being compiled to prove the effectiveness of reflexology on a raft of health issues. At Zen Ten Spa we value these study statistics, but our own experiences are what’s so rewarding about delivering these treatments.

For example, one client had been suffering severe bronchitis for more than 3 months and 6 different courses of anti-biotics had failed to shift the infection. Within seconds of our reflexology session getting underway she began coughing uncontrollably, so we offered to stop the treatment, but glass of water in hand, she wanted to continue. Four days later she called to say the bronchitis had completely lifted. She was delighted.

Zen Ten Spa also does work in the hospice environment. Due to the cocktail of drugs administered to many patients, constipation is a frequent side effect. Where we work, most of the medics no longer turn to pharmaceuticals. They’ll refer patients to us for reflexology simply because it always works. Our current record is a reaction within 40 minutes after an 11 day problem.

If you haven’t tried reflexology yet, you’re really missing out. Even if you’re not suffering any current health niggles, just as with a car MOT, reflexology is an excellent maintenance tool.

So book yourself in with us. We travel to you in our 5 star mobile spa whether at home, the work place or special event and we’re award-winning because we’re the best.


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